June 03 2007

New Boobs, New Nose, New Opportunity.

heidi_montag_engaged_big.jpgHey kids, do you know what a pair of JUCO Transfers (that’s breast implants to you non-sports people) and a nose job will get you? Besides lots of attention from drunk douche bags and gropey grandpas, they can get you in Playboy!And that just might happen for former Laguna Beacher Heidi Montag and her new “hills” if we can believe her fiance Spencer Pratt:

“Playboy is interest[ed] in shooting Heidi’s new body,” [Heidi’s boyfriend] Pratt told In Touch. “They’ve offered her $1 million to be in the magazine.”

Playboy doesn’t deny offering a spread to Heidi but claims the monetary figure is no where near a million.


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