February 05 2008

Heidi Montag @ Maxim superbowl Party (2/2)

Heidi is an example of plastic surgery that I don’t think is as good as it could be. Now I admit, I have zero interest in Heidi or the dumb scripted reality show she was on. I’ve actually never seen it and I barely know who she is but that doesn’t stop me from criticizing her boob job… 

Heidi’s nose looks great but her boobs look a little weird in this low cut dress. I think her cleavage looks unnatural and stuck-on. They don’t hang like natural boobs at all and the shape along the cleavage looks off. Not saying she looks worse than average, she definitely looks good but not my ideal boob job. When you have fake boobs, one of the benefits is that you shouldn’t need to wear a bra but Heidi looks look she would benefit from having a bra on, she needs something to hold her boobs and lift them up so they don’t seperate and lack fullness in the center. This would also make the wide spread cleavage below the nipples less noticible. I don’t dig these fakes. I am a fan of “natural” looking fake boobs or real boobs. Seems like a lot of girls like the stuck-on look, maybe Heidi is one of them.

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