November 01 2007

David Likes to Vacuum? I Only Know a Few Guys who Enjoy that…


Victoria Beckham talked to Ryan Seacrest today about her boys and her husband. Manly Spice mentioned that her husband has some interesting habits:

“I think they think everybody’s mommy is a Spice Girl,” she said when asked for her children’s opinion of their parents’ celebrity status. “I just had my hair dyed the other day and I got in the car and they looked at me and said, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s Posh Spice. She’s back.’ “

Victoria and husband David Beckham have their differences. “He’s very tidy, and I am not,” she says. How organized is he? “Even our ‘fridge is color coded,” she says.

When it comes to cleaning, “David vacuums in straight lines. And if anyone walks on the carpet he gets upset.”

Not that it’s all about cleaning. Even after eight years of marriage, “He’s really romantic,” she says. “He’s very good at sending flowers and cards.”


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