October 05 2007

Heidi Montag Has Fake Boobs & Nose… Who Cares?

heidim.jpgSo Heidi Montag recently came forward admitting that she had some plastic surgery. What I really want to know is who gives a crap about Heidi Montag? I don’t know but I can say with 100% certainty that I don’t care what she had done nor do I care about her and I wish she would go away, not as much as I wish Paris would go away but then again, she hasn’t been shoved in my face for the past few years constantly. I just question who couldn’t tell that Heidi had plastic surgery before she admitted to it? I know looking at a picture of her the rhinoplasty and boobs were a given. Who knows what else she may have had done. Who are these people that are so clueless that they are waiting for her to admit to it? One day she was flat, the next day she had the huge, high, fake looking cans, what is there to question?

I don’t know about anyone else but I find this girl to be so typical and what is she famous for? Being on a scripted crap-ass reality show? My attention span is so short I can barely watch some whiney freakish brat yell about Britney Spears for one and a half minutes, I definitely don’t have the type of attention span where I can watch some dumb clueless bitches yap about their useless lives. haha. More negativity I should keep inside my head…

If by chance you do care about Heidi, here is an article about her new boobies and other meaningless nonsense that distracts us peons from our mundane reality. enjoy!


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