June 27 2007

$39,000 on Clothes & She Wears a Drape.


Britney Spears has chosen new Hollywood style queen Katie Holmes as inspiration for a new look reports NW Magazine.

To help her transformation, Britney Spears’s finally decided to hire a stylist, revealing that she’s impressed with the way Katie has evolved from schoolgirl-cute to sophisticated mum. And now she wants to do the same, regardless of cost.

“Britney wants to go from trashy to classy,” says a source close to the singer, “and she’s spending a fortune in the process.”

In a massive one-day shopping spree splurge recently, Britney took her cousin Alli Sims and a personal shopper along with her as she shelled out almost $39,000 on designer clothes at upscale Beverly Hills department store Neiman Marcus.

As she was ushered into a private VIP viewing area, Britney, 25, was overheard telling staff she wanted to buy “the kind of stuff Katie Holmes wears”.

In her attempt to be just like Katie, Britney Spears focused her attention on elegant, high-end labels such as Armani and Manolo Blahnik.

But after splashing out on her new wardrobe and choosing an array of Katie-inspired items such as fitted jackets, chic silk shirts, fashion shoes and well-cut jumpers in muted tones, Britney’s planning to ditch her famously tacky outfits once and for all and emerge as a sophisticated woman.


June 27 2007

True or False – Would Jenn Dish the Dirt on Brad?


The former ‘Friends’ actress is currently dating former builder Paul Sculfor and is said to be very impressed with his bedroom skills.

A source close to Jennifer – who has also dated Vince Vaughn since divorcing Brad – told Britain’s Star magazine: “She’s left Paul in no doubt that he is the man for her. She even let slip that he’s better in bed than either Brad or Vince!”

The 38-year-old star has also tried to spice things up in the bedroom by buying saucy underwear from The Love Boutique in Santa Monica.

The source added: “She spent nearly £400 on suspender belts, pants and stockings. Jen shopped online and then sent her assistant to pick the items up.”

As well as being dynamite between the sheets, Jen claims model Paul is very romantic.

Her close friend Tiffany Laws said: “He bought Jen a huge bunch of flowers, then had chocolates and champagne delivered. She loved that. Jen goes by what her heart is telling her, and the initial indications are really good. She’s not bothered about gossip. She will give him a chance to show he’s the right guy for her.”


June 27 2007

Paris' Garbage for Sale on ebay. No Buyers…

Image from Spash News

Two Los Angeles men in their mid twenties that can only be described as pathetic have been rummaging through the garbage bins at Paris Hilton’s home and auctioning off their finds on ebay, according to the NY Daily News.

Some of the less disgusting items include a VIP ticket to Paris’ birthday party, an autographed postcard for her cell phone game Diamond Quest, two envelopes sent to Paris during her jail stay and a fan letter.

Also up for grabs is a used toothbrush and an open can of dog food. Ugh!

Business hasn’t fared too well for the two morons. Starting bids on the items are as high as $250 for the VIP ticket and $40 for the less prestigious ones but as of yesterday afternoon, the paper reports that not one single person had yet to place a bid on any of Hilton’s junk.

“We read these articles about the half-eaten sandwich of Britney Spears’ that sold for $500 and said, ‘Let’s give it a shot,” they told the paper.

They are hoping that Paris’ jail release sparks more interest and have an assortment of other junk ready to put up on their site, hollywoodstartrach.com.

Other items include drug prescriptions and a platinum blond hair extension.


June 27 2007

Interested in Hugh's Playboy Lifestyle?

girlsnextdoor_lrg.jpgHugh Hefner’s Playboy lifestyle is set to hit the big screen.

The film, to carry the title of his magazine, will be directed by Brett Ratner, whose credits include the Rush Hour movies and X-Men: The Last Stand.

It will be produced for Universal Pictures by Brian Grazer, who won the best picture Oscar in 2002 for A Beautiful Mind.

Hefner, 81, sold the rights to his story to Grazer several years ago. He approved the project last week.

“Hef came from a puritanical upbringing and reinvented himself to be the godfather of the sexual revolution,” Ratner told Daily Variety, which reported the deal Monday.

“He also used his magazine to advocate civil rights and free speech, and put James Brown on his show Playboy After Dark when they didn’t put black performers on national television,” Ratner was quoted as saying. “He broke all kinds of taboos, especially in sexuality. I want to show it all, from the First Amendment struggles to his first orgy to the stroke in the 1980s that almost killed him.”


June 26 2007

Paris Exits Jail (6/26)

Paris Hilton was released from jail early Tuesday morning. She looked genuinely happy and better than usual. A huge crowd greeted her at the jail to get the first images. I personally wish people weren’t so interested in Paris. It is frustrating that someone who has done absolutely nothing positive for society is greeted with these cheers and such great interest from people. It really sickens me. I find it unfortunate that this is the kind of stuff that news channels choose to cover at this point. I guess they cover whatever gets the most views and sadly, Paris will get more views than real world news. I wish Paris exited the jail to a crowd of nobody but her parents like every other prisoner. Can you imagine her face if she exited and no one was waiting for her? She wouldn’t have been all smiles I bet. I am sure it feels good to emerge from a 23 day stay and have hundreds of admirers waiting for you to utter a single word, even if it is a completely useless “that’s hot”. I haven’t read much about Paris’ stay but from the last time I checked I am wondering whether she actually spent any time in the cell she was originally assigned, it seems like she was in mental wards most of her stay and she had much larger rooms with private bathrooms. How is that equal to the treatment of other prisoners? I guess we will find out when Paris does her first interview.

Anyway, I enjoyed the last couple weeks without Paris, in the end we weren’t hearing about her daily and that was nice. I really hope the constant coverage of Paris ends so we can stop seeing her dumb face. I know it wont though. People are so interested in her and everything she has to say, the press will continue to idolize her. She is just a normal person, one with a lot of money. Why is that news worthy?

psst, Paris, while you were in jail skinny jean has disappeared a bit. Please do the world a favor and put those away for a very long time.

June 26 2007

Christina Aguilera in Shanghai, China (6/25)

1943684465_china_christina_aguilerax.jpgChristina was in Shanghai earlier and I have to say she looked amazing. I love her dress, and eye makeup but in normal Christina fashion, she is wearing way too much makeup and she could stand to lose the red lipstick. She also has gray looking eyebrows which are not too cute in my opinion. You would think with all the money she has she could get her eyebrows to look a little more natural. These photos do nothing to disprove the rumors that Christina is pregnant. A dress with a high waistline, like the one she is wearing, would be perfect for hiding an early pregnancy. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Christina were pregnant and if that is the case I am very happy for her. She and Jordan are a cute couple (although I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole), they married in 2005, I am sure the idea of having children entered their minds many many times. Hopefully the kids get her looks minus the bad boobs.

June 26 2007

More Proof of Brooke's Boob Job.


For those of you who still question whether Brooke had a boob job, I pose the following question: Why does she have scar in her armpit? A scar like the one in the image above is typical of implants placed through the armpit. The scars usually heal to be completely unnoticeable but since Brooke’s surgery was so recent, they have not disappeared yet. I expect that Brooke’s boobs will be looking much more natural in a few weeks so maybe this will be the last piece of boobie evidence. I think bigger boobs were unnecessary in Brooke’s case but to each their own.


thanks to hollywoodtuna for this image.

June 26 2007

Angelina Takes The Kids to School (6/25)

Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-01Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-02Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-03Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-04Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-05
Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-06Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-07Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-08Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-09Brad-swinging brad-pitt-swinging-maddox-10

As everyone knows, I adore Angelina. I think she looks gorgeous and so do the kids. I love that she is so hands on with her kids but it looks like she is struggling to carry those bags and Z. She should just let people help her. Everyone knows Angelina would do anything and everything for her children, she shouldn’t struggle carrying two babies and bags. No one is going to think any less of her. People who dislike her will most likely always dislike her no matter how much positivity she brings to other lives.

June 26 2007

Get Your Very Own Desperate Housewife.


Susan, Bree, Lynette, Edie and Gabrielle, dressed in outfits inspired by the hit show Desperate Housewives, are now available at FAO Schwarz! Suggested retail price is $129.95 for each doll. Alexander Doll Company’s “Desperate Housewives” dolls, miniature recreations of the ladies from Wisteria Lane, are the perfect figures of poise and style to welcome into your neighborhood. The dolls are not affiliated with the actresses from the show. They are non-dedicated sculpts from Madame Alexander’s fashion doll collection. They are only available in North America.

The Alexander Doll Company, based in Harlem, New York, is now celebrating its 84th Anniversary, continuing the tradition, elegance and innovation of Madame Alexander dolls with a full line of fine quality, handcrafted collectible dolls, fashion dolls, baby dolls and play dolls. The company has created a series of “firsts” that have shaped the doll industry and has always been a pioneer of style and quality in this community. This year, Madame Alexander introduced new licenses, including Wicked™ dolls from the hit Broadway show, Eloise™ and Madeline™ dolls and the Sweet Baby Nursery™ line. Please visit www.madamealexander.com for more information about the Alexander Doll Company.


June 25 2007

Justin & Jessica Stroll Through Downtown Copenhagen (6/24)

Justin and Jessica enjoyed a beautiful day in Copenhagen.  They really don’t look super happy together but maybe they are in their private life. Jessica looks beautiful and Justin, well, I used to think he was cute but he looks like a big potato head lately. The fact is that no matter what these two do, they are about as exciting as watching paint dry. I guess I like the drama. Not saying everyone should be a Britney Spears, popping out babies and hitting cars with umbrellas but would it kill them to show some kind of emotion here and there?