September 30 2006

Lindsay Lohan at Teddy's in West Hollywood (9/27)

Lindsay Lohan has to be one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood these days. I think Lindsay is gorgeous but I always find it interesting that she looks closer to 30 than she does to 20.

In the first image you can see her cleavage and I definitely believe Lindsay has breast implants. It is the same story with many of these young stars who chose to alter their bodies at a young age. They will never admit to it. I guess they think since they are young maybe people will believe they had a “growth spurt”. I don’t know about all women but it does seem a bit uncommon to have a growth spurt around 17 years old. Most girls fill-out well before they are 17. I personally don’t care if she has fake boobs, real or fake she looks better than 99% of the people I see on a daily basis.

Rock on Lindsay, you are one sexy lady. Hopefully you don’t end up knocked up and married to a scumbag at 22. As for those leggings, please stop wearing them. I think leggings should stay out of style for quite a while longer. All these “skinny jeans” and leggings with oversized shirts are so unflattering. Leave those types of garments for the fat chicks.

September 30 2006

Jessica Simpson leaves Heathrow airport (9/28)

What has Jessica been up to lately?

Here she is departing Heathrow airport headed for LAX. I personally have never liked the way boots over pants look but that completely aside, what the heck is she wearing? It looks as if she has spent her day in the woods cutting lumber. Not a flattering look in my opinion. Even worse than the terrible shirt has got to be that thick blue braided belt. I can’t imagine anyone with any sense going out in public in an outfit like this. Better off in a hanes teeshirt.

Just a few days prior…

It looks as if Jessica is upset about something or perhaps experiencing a brain fart. In her case I guess we could consider it normal “train of thought”.

Ashlees nose looks great! Perhaps jessica should fix her too. I am sick of seeing her photographed from the same angles all the time. People say Ashlee looks like Jessica with her new nose and light hair but I think that is an insult to Ashlee. She looks a lot more feminine than Jessica.