February 09 2008

No More Chloe Boobies on Big Love?

Chloe Sevigny clashed with the producers of her TV show Big Love after she refused to strip off in the second season.
The actress has grown tired of nude scenes after posing naked in the show’s first season – and countless movie roles – so she insisted on staying fully clothed when the show returned for a second term.

She tells Blackbook magazine, “Those scenes are always forced. I did some nay topless scenes during the first season, I got really tired of it. (Producers) tried to put pressure on me at first saying, ‘Jeanne Tripplehorn shows her behind,’ and I said, ‘What? Any girl would rather show her behind than her boobies.’”


February 04 2008

Re: Chloe's Nose — Is it Just Me Or…


Did Chloe alter her nose? I am not the guru of noses but heck, I will give credit where credit is due, I can usually notice when someone did something to their nose regardless of whether they want to admit it. Comparing older images of Chloe to newer ones, it seems like her nose has thinned out quite a bit. Not only is it thinner but it is more refined. It has a much more balanced look on her face and the tip is more even, it is slightly shorter and more desirably shaped. I honestly thought Chloe was cute with her previous nose but I can see why she would choose to alter it (if it is the case that she has). It was not huge but it was a bit undefined, it had some humps and it was a little bit wide for her face. Her tip was also long and lacked definition. If she did have something done, it turned out amazing. It is subtle enough that you can’t really say with 100% accuracy that she went under the knife. I purposely chose images that accentuate the differences but it is definitely questionable and will require further follow up to satisfy my desire to know the truth.

So what do you think? Has she had a rhinoplasty? Perhaps a couple? Or could it be illusion, camera angles, photo retouching and lighting? Chloe has admitted in the past that she would have no problem getting plastic surgery to preserve her youthful looks, so why not a nose job? Whatever the case, she is adorable and I love seeing photos of her. I also love her passion for fashion and acting.

Anne Hathaway & Chloe Sevigny & Ashley Olsen & Milla Jovovich@ “Miss Sixty” Fashion Show in NYC (2/3)

January 28 2008

Chloe Sevigny: Love her! Elle Magazine UK (March 2008)

chloeelleshoot1.jpg chloeelleshoot2.jpg chloeelleshoot3.jpg

Chloë Sevigny on Kate Moss for Topshop…

“I didn’t buy any of it. I liked it more when designers like Marios Schwab and Ann-Sofie Back did stuff for Topshop.”

On other Hollywood actresses and their red carpet style…

“These people are celebrated for their style and they don’t even dress themselves. It’s so unfair!”

On her own red carpet style…

“I’m more stylish in my day-to-day life. Lately, on the red carpet, I’ve been trying too hard. When I try to be overtly sexy, it doesn’t work.”


January 23 2008

Kirsten Dunst Unveils New Line this Weekend.


With her contemporaries, Natalie Portman and Chloë Sevigny busy creating fashion lines, it only seems right that Kirsten Dunst should do the same.

Fashionista reports that Dunst, who is currently starring in the Miu Miu spring/summer ’08 campaign has partnered with cashmere label Lutz + Patmos to create a capsule range. The actress will unveil her line this weekend in the US.

This isn’t the first time the label has teamed up with celebrities, previous “guest designers” include Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler and Carine Roitfeld.


October 05 2007

Chloë is Looking for a Masculine Man (or 4…)


Chloë Sevigny dreams of a foursome with Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen.

The ‘American Psycho’ star – who plays Nicki in TV series ‘Big Love’ about polygamous man with many wives – has revealed the three Hollywood stars would be her ideal lovers.

When asked who she would choose if she could have more than one man in the bedroom, Chloe told the New York Daily News newspaper: “I’d want Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen, because I love really masculine men.”

The 32-year-old actress – who entered rehab as a teenager – recently spoke about her wild, drug-taking youth.

She said: “I had a great family life – I would never want it to look as if it reflected on them.

“I think I was just very bored. And I did just love taking hallucinogens. I probably shouldn’t promote that. But I often feel it’s because I experimented when I was younger that I have no interest as an adult.”

Chloë has been romantically linked to ‘Goodfellas’ actor Vincent Gallo, musician Matt McAuley, of the group A.R.E. Weapons, photographer Patrick O’Dell and filmmaker Harmony Korine.


October 01 2007

I Hope Chloe Stars in T4.


Rachel Weisz and Chloe Sevigny battle to terminate.   The New York Daily News  reports that Weisz and Sevigny have both been courting the producers of the next “Terminator” flick.

Apparently, a source told the paper that: “The next ‘Terminator’ has been cast with an undisclosed Hollywood heartthrob, but the leading lady is still up for grabs.  Chloe and Rachel personally inquired to Anderson and Kubicek about the role at the party.”

Meanwhile over at IGN, James Middleton (aka the producer of The Sarah Connor Chronicles) let loose a few key plot details for the new film.  The lead character won’t be John after all, but a new character.  The example he used: “Ben-Hur was influenced by Jesus Christ, but it was his story. Much in that way, this character will be influenced by John Connor.”  The film will follow the events of T3 and will be life in the post-apocalypse.

The question then becomes who Weisz and Sevigny are vying to play?  Is the film set immediately after T3?  Will either one fill Claire Danes’ shoes as Kate, or function as Love Interest Number One for the new guy?  Weisz apparently saw this script at the same time she passed on “The Mummy 3,” so clearly she saw something good.  A new female Terminator?


September 15 2007

Chloe's Clothing Line Looks Interesting…

fwd101_mercedes_famous_cars.JPGHave you ever wondered what happens when celebrities make random pronouncements in the press about who they’d like to date or which director really needs to give them a job? Well, if you’re Chloë Sevigny, you get to design a clothing line. It’s simple, really: Last season, when The Daily asked her if she’d ever design again, the actress (and former creative director of Imitation of Christ) said she’d love to team up with hot downtown boutique Opening Ceremony. Within a day, Opening Ceremony editor Humberto Leon had her on the horn.

At Monday’s press preview of her line, Leon gave us the simple backstory. “I said, ‘Do you really want to do this?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ And that was it.” Sevigny echoed the relaxed sentiment: “It wasn’t a huge thing to think about. I think we have similar aesthetics, similar references. There’s always a little something quirky, something different.”

Sevigny did have one condition, though. Every piece in the collection had to be something she would personally want to own. And with that proclamation out of the way, she took out a Sharpie and a lingerie catalog and got to work. “She literally just drew on top of the models,” say Leon. “I don’t really know how to do fashion illustration,” says Sevigny. “I figured Umberto’s team would do a more elaborate pattern.” They did. Then they’d bring in the samples and fit them on Sevigny, who’d give her critique and ask for more flare here, a dropped waist there.

For inspiration, she said, she’d turned to her childhood, bits of which were on display in a diorama. There were books (My Life With Evan Dando, by Kathleen Hannah; The Anatomy of Witchcraft), records (Bowie, Bauhaus, the Smiths,) a T-shirt reading “The Slits,” and even a prom picture with a very cute teenage Chloë in a black choker and a buzz cut.

Sevigny gave us a brief tour of the collection, which was cute but also very fashion-forward and perhaps a bit too challenging for the average girl. There was a dress in an “ethnic, tribal linen weave” with a tight skirt and blouse-y top. There was pretty awesome green floral bustier dress. “I always imagined having this dress, and I could never find it and now I’ve made it. I’m very excited,” says Sevigny. “That’s how we made everything. I thought of things I’d always wanted other people to make and we just made them.”


August 27 2007

Chloe Sevigny in Harper's Bazaar.

All Images from Harper’s Bazaar

More reason to love Chole. I love this photoshoot she did for Harper’s Bazarre, infact I have waiting for the images to surface and here they are…

August 23 2007

Chloe Sevigny

In the past I recall saying some hateful things about Chloe and I now realize how wrong I was. Chloe has really grown on me since I began watching Big Love. She is such an incredible actress you can’t help but fall in love with her character. The funny part is, Nicolette is a bit of a psycho with crazy upbringing and ideals but she is hysterical because she takes herself so seriously. Chloe is the perfect person for the role, she flawlessly comes across as encompassing all of these contradictory traits and still you love her. I hope to see a lot more of her in the future.