July 21 2007

TomKat Throwing a Posh Party on Sunday Evening.


Hollywood royalty are rolling out the red carpet for David & Victoria Beckham at a “Welcome to America” party this weekend. Beckham pals Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes and Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith organized the lavish, private shindig, scheduled for this Sunday evening in Los Angeles.

Access Hollywood obtained one of the email invitations sent out to guests, which states:

“Please join Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes and Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith in welcoming David & Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles.”

The party will be held in the Geffen Contemporary at LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art Sunday at 9:30 PM, according to the invite. Reported A-listers on the guest list include Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Steven Spielberg, and various studio bigwigs. Those hoping to attend will be out of luck unless they receive an official invitation, and anyone hoping to capture party moments on film will be sorely disappointed: “No cameras please,” the invitation states. The Beckhams moved to the U.S. from Europe this past weekend, in light of David’s new position with the LA Galaxy professional soccer team. His big debut game against Chelsea is scheduled for Saturday, but Beckham told ESPN yesterday that he may not be able to play due to an ankle injury. “I’m still having a lot of treatment. At the moment it doesn’t look good that I’m going to play because the swelling is still there,” Beckham said during an interview during the ESPN2 telecast. “I’m here for five years. I’m not here just obviously for the game on Saturday.” Hopefully, his ankle will be well enough to get him to Sunday’s party!


June 09 2007

Cameron and Victoria Engage in Girl Talk.

There were gasps of horror when Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz both turned up at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday with identical silver shoes “ but Posh says she wasn’t bothered.

In fact, the stilettos weren’t exactly the same style – and Cam’s were cheaper!

Victoria, 33, strutted along to the event in £310 Christian Louboutins, while the Shrek star wore £220 Sergio Rossis.

Posh says she’s really proud that 34-year-old Cam has similar tastes in footwear.

‘I was star-struck meeting Cameron,’ VB tells the Daily Telegraph. ‘She is so gorgeous and she has an amazing body. We just laughed about the shoes, really girly-girly.

‘I would never be upset if someone wore the same thing as me. In fact, when I find something I really like I tell everybody. Like my shorts.’


June 04 2007

MTV Movie Awards (6/3)

Who Wore What? The good the bad and the ugly.

Jessica Alba

Jessica is so pretty but I am not digging this dress. It hangs like a paper bag. If anyone could pull it off, I think it would be Jessica but this dress is not doing it for me.

Mandy Moore

hmm, another okay look. I don’t love the dress but it is not completely tragic.

Victoria Beckham

Ick. This look is horrible. Not only do I find this woman gross and tacky, I don’t understand why people make such a big deal over her. I would be happier if I never saw her dog face again.


I have to admit, Rihanna is starting to grow on me. I love the way she looks with bangs, hides her huge forehead. I don’t love the bottom of this dress but I love the cut of the top. I think this is a good choice for her, usually she looks a bit whorish.

Megan Fox

Tacky. Looks like she forgot to put her dress on over the slip.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda looks cute. A little boring but sexy.

Paris Hilton

Paris is her own biggest fan. I have to admit she has better style than most.

More to come.