December 30 2006

Monkey-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen was shopping on Melrose yesterday. I do not understand peoples fascination with Mary-Kate and Ashley. They are not terrible but you have to wonder, if they weren’t loaded, would anyone care about them? I mean, if they were just normal chicks would they even be attractive to anyone? It seems to me that their style is pretty heavily dependent on frequent trips to the salon and their frumpola clothes. Everytime I see one of these girls I wonder why they can’t just wear normal clothes, like jeans and a sweater. They are always in leggings and ten layers of shirts. I personally think it looks bad, especially when you have a hole in your leggings like Mary-Kate does. She must have had a demanding day shopping.

I am at least happy she had the sense to darken her hair. On the 26th Mary-Kate had platinum blonde hair which looked horrible.