February 02 2008

Big Surprise…


The Spice Girls have cancelled their world tour after just two months of performances and two continents amid reports of poor ticket sales.

So far, they have performed in the UK, Canada, the US and in Madrid and Cologne in Europe.

But instead of playing dates in Australia, Argentina, and China the five will finish the reunion tour in Toronto on February 26.

However, despite citing family commitments as their reason for cutting the tour short, sources close to the group say the two Mels did not want to continue.

After they were presented with a new tour schedule the friend said to the Daily Mirror: “Mel B wasn’t having any of it. She misses her husband and children and said she couldn’t go on. She’s also been flooded with US offers after her success on Dancing With Stars.

“Mel C agreed it was time to call it a day. She was the least excited about it. She also feared it might jeopardise her solo career.”

Officially, a spokesman for the girls said: “Sadly the tour needs to come to an end by the end of February due to family and personal commitments for Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria.

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January 16 2008

Buy Celeb Stamps and Help the Humane Society!

Yes, it’s true: Jenna Elfman and I totally locked lips. And yes, it’s also true that I made out with Scary Spice. Jealous? Well, you shouldn’t be! Now EVERYONE can give those famous lips a little pucker action.Zazzle.com is partnering with The Humane Society of the United States to release a line of custom made postage stamps, called Sealed with a Kiss. The Sealed With A Kiss line will feature stamps with the lip prints of celebrities like Melanie Brown, Jeri Ryan, Jenna Elfman, Joe Hahn, Josh Henderson, and a special paw print from Benji, the movie-star dog.

Each sheet will include 20 “kiss” stamps from the celebrity of your choice. Or, if you want a lip-locking orgy, you can purchase a special edition sheet with a collage of kisses from each of the participating celebrities.  Since the Humane Society is part of Zazzle’s Community Giving program, 20 percent of the purchase price for all featured products sold will help the HSUS!

So head on over to Zazzle.com and grab some lip stamps before Valentines Day. Because if you’re like me this year, those famous glossy lips might be the only ones you have on that wretched holiday. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pillow to go cry into.