May 08 2010

SATC: Marie Claire June 2010

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I’ve been seeing commercials for the new Sex and the City sequal and I can’t help but wonder what kind of crazy shenanigans these women will get into. I was thinking about this today while watching the first SATC movie, now the majority of them are married with children and in my opinion, that makes for a pretty boring sequal.

Anyone actually interested in seeing this? I know I will see it but unless it gets incredible reviews, I will wait for it to come on HBO. I doubt it’s worth $15 to watch these 4 clowns change outfits upwards of 100 times. The last film the wardrobes were so extravagant, it was borderline ridiculous. Most of the time they looked like 4 old, overdressed hags. Ever thought of wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers? Sorry, I lived in Manhattan and no one in my neighborhood dressed like that. Not even close…

October 23 2007

Images from the Set of "Sex in the City" Movie.