May 28 2007

Katie "Jordan" Price Plans Post-Pregnancy Surgery


British glamour model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price is planning extensive plastic surgery after she gives birth to her third child, to shrink her breasts, puff up her lips and tighten her vagina.

The 29-year-old is expecting her second child with former pop star husband Peter Andre and will go straight from the delivery room to the operating theatre.

The already-surgically enhanced star says, “(my breasts) have already gone saggy after three children so I want them perking up and made smaller. They’ll still be big but not as big and I’m going to go for the fake-looking American-style boob job. I really love that. And I’m going to get my mouth done too.

“I’m going to have my fanny (vagina) done, too. I want to be a virgin again. That’ll be a treat for Pete.”


March 11 2007

Katie Jordan Price Book Signing (3/8)

February 23 2007

Pregnant Katie Price @ the Beach (2/19)

I have to say Katie looks cute in the above images. I am not particularly fond of her or her gigantic cantalopes but for a pregnant lady she looks pretty hot.