January 01 2012

Kim Looks Weird.

Kim stepped out to host a NYE party in Las Vegas and I personally think she’s looking very weird these days. Could she get her nose pushed in any further? She’s just so taught in the face, she looks like she’s half alien. I am sick of seeing her and her dumb sisters. They are bad role models for the younger generation. I can’t imagine where her followers are headed in their futures – probably no where.

I used to think Kim was pretty but she looks awful here. Bad dress, she looks wide. Her eye lashes look awful. Her face looks like it’s frozen in place. She’s gross!!

and I know I have been loaded with negativity lately but I guess I am in a phase. Get used to it…

December 08 2011

Patti’s New Face

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I know I am way behind on this one… I noticed Patti’s new face quite some time ago, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting about it. I hadn’t even analyzed what had happened to her face until tonight when I was watching part II reunion of season 2. Initially, I thought she had some botox and other injectectables which I found interesting, considering past seasons where she was very negative toward people who had botoxed faces. Upon further investigation, I notice her face is way too tight to have only had some injections. Suddenly, it came to me. Patti looks as if she had a full fledged facelift. I did a bit of research and I found one piece of information that mentioned Patti admited to having her eyelids done aka Blepharoplasty but there is no way a little eye procedure tightened her entire face. Stay with me here, Patti’s nose, is it smaller and less crooked? Her entire face looks like it was pulled tighter in the middle. I wonder if she had a mid facelift, a nose job and her upper and lower lids done. That or a full fledged face lift + eyes + rhino.

All I can say is WOW!! She looks great. It looks like she took off 15 years. I think it’s great that Patti did this for herself, she looks beautiful & she’s glowing. If eyelid surgery alone can do that to a person, sign me up!! I also love her without bangs, she looks so much fresher.

December 06 2011

Housewives of BH

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Did anyone watch last night’s episode?

I haven’t been posting about Real Housewives because, to be honest, I don’t care too much about the show. I used to post about Theresa and Joe and the guido monkeys on NJ Housewives once in a while but they have lost my interest. I watch when I catch the show and if I miss it oh well…

The situation with Taylor on BH Housewives bugs me to no end. Let me preface this by saying, I don’t know her in person nor do I have any inside eyes on the situation, I am simply a person who has caught the majority of the episodes this season and last. I feel like Taylor is playing the victim card when she was probably the driving force behind her husbands fate. I remember last season, she was throwing a 60k birthday party while he was trying to figure out how to pay for this party. That’s stressful for anyone. Did she ever consider that he was under a lot of stress? I looked into his career a long time ago because I was curious where she got the money to afford a party of that caliber and it seemed like his career was unstable. He was an entrepreneur who probably made a lot and lost a lot but he wasn’t loaded like most of the other families on the show. It’s purely a story of them trying to keep up with the neighbors and I see it as her driving him further into his depression which eventually led him to commit suicide. I am not saying he was a great guy either, he came off as a bit abusive and a pig but it didn’t have to end the way it did. Let’s face it, he died because of this. She may see herself as an innocent person who was stuck in a bad position but she didn’t go to the extent of killing herself!

For her, his suicide is probably in many ways, a weight off her back. She doesn’t have to worry about his side of the story ever being told. She gets to play the victim card and get pity and support from friends and family. She gets an insurance payout, assets and whatever money she’s able to stash away from the show. Hopefully his debts from bad investments are not her’s to deal with and she’s in the clear financially. Now she’s writing a tell all book where I am sure she plays the part of the innocent, helpless victim.  I don’t want to give Russel too much credit, he did have a history of abuse. I am sure he was difficult but I think leaving him would have resulted in a better outcome. I understand that she had filed for divorce and that was a step in the right direction. I wonder if she ever offered to support him through his financial struggles? Somehow I doubt it.

Do you think Taylor is sincere?

December 01 2011

Jessica needs to shut her trap…

I was the first to say Jessica should go get knocked up regardless of her relationship status and I think it’s great that she has done so. On the other hand, if I hear one more dumb comment from this tranny faced elephant, I am going to have to banish her from this blog forever. That would probably be for the best for everyone involved. It’s nice that Jessica is so proud of her bump but she looks like a big fat, frumpy cow. Her maternity clothes are absolutely awful and she needs to cover her chest. Sorry but I don’t find this look to be even remotely attractive and worse, it is actually inappropriate and ugly. Jessica, go home and cover up and while you’re at it, shut your trap! No one cares about your gas or your huge, engorged knockers. Get over yourself.

December 01 2011

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck in Santa Monica (11/30/11)

Gosh, these two are baby making factories. Poor Jennifer seems like she is always pregnant… Ben looks like a schmuck with all that hair.

November 15 2011

These Feet…

Look pretty beat-up and uncomfortable.
Can anyone guess the owner of these feet?

I was surprised to see that Jessica Biel has ugly feet! As far as I knew she’s gorgeous from head to toe. It’s nice to see that even a woman as beautiful as Jessica has imperfections. Time to take off those ill-fitting shoes and heal those feet Jess! 

Jessica Biel @ Launch of The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer (11/14/11)

I don’t love Jessica’s outfit here, heck, I don’t even like it, it’s frumpy and makes her figure look awkward. We all know Jessica has an incredible body, no reason to wear maternity gear. When it really comes down to it, it wouldn’t matter if she was wearing a paper bag, Jessica has such an incredible face, I can look past the clothes and the messy feet. I can accurately say that I have better feet that Jessica Biel. It’s not much but it’s something…

November 14 2011

Lindsay Lohan @ Lana Gomez Art Show / LA (11/11/11)

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I am back in action after a brief break from blogging!

Why do I post Lindsay after I recently stated that I can’t stand her? I think it is mostly because she is like a trainwreck that you just can’t get enough of… What do you guys think, is Lindsay still hot or has she completely lost it? Even with awful overbleached hair, too much makeup, overinjected lips, and an ugly hat, there is no denying that she’s an attractive girl. I am curious to see the Playboy issue that will be featuring Lindsay on the cover!! I don’t know why I care to see it, Lindsay is just a typical used up Hollywood whore but I would like to see how much she shows and whether the shoot is classy. I am sure it is but we all know Lindsay is not the picture of class, she’s about as raunchy as they come. A raunchy shoot would be a lot more interesting than an elegant one but we will have to keep waiting for that issue.

October 18 2011

Nicole Has Aged (10/17/11)

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I won’t even give Nicole the satisfaction of being in the celebs category because she really is a nobody but I have to say, she’s looking old and worn out in these photos from ELLE’s 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute. Nicole was always one of those women who looked young and spunky but I think she’s officially “Lost it”. It’s not that she looks bad, she just looks like she’s closer to 40 than 30 (her actual age). As far as style goes, I don’t like her look here. The dress is frumpy and her hair looks brittle and haggish. She looks like she’s aged 20 years in 2 years.

October 15 2011

Victoria’s Secret Photoshoot, Honolulu (10/12/11)

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I want her life – working on the beach in Hawaii. Must be tough… Not only that but she’s absolutely gorgeous and a has perfect body, not an ouce of fat on her. I have to say, the worst part about these photos are the neon coral bikini, it’s not my style at all but of course, on Alessandra, it looks incredible.

October 09 2011

Xtina’s Livin’ Large… (10/8/11)


I am usually very easy on people when they gain a few pounds, in fact, I usually find a little extra weight to be attractive but in Christina’s case, I think she’s gone too far. I hope she hasn’t crossed the point of no return. I hate to say it because I adore her and I think she’s an incredibly talented vocalist but she looks like a whale in some of these pix. The first one in the dress, she’s barely recognizable – she looks like a chubby dragqueen in a moomoo. It’s gotten so bad, she’s nearly lost her neck. Get on a fitness plan Christina, before it’s too late!!